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 Our donors receive frequent thanks. We've built this gratitude page to recognize, celebrate, and inspire 


On behalf of the tenants and staff at Herring Cove Apartments we wanted to thank you for your generous donation yesterday evening. The meal was absolutely amazing, and beef stew is always a favourite with the guys. Each of the men were thrilled with the huge portion sizes they received, and all of the drink and dessert options really added a nice touch!

fred joan table 2.jpg


Thank you so much for your donation tonight! The chicken was a huge hit - and there was plenty to go around, those who asked for seconds were given heaping plate-fulls. We've been able to give out some of the coleslaw and potato salad to the individual units so that our tenants can make themselves lunch tomorrow. We're truly grateful for your donation, everyone has gone to bed with full bellies tonight!



Thank you so much for thinking of our tenants during this Easter holiday. Because of Joan's Table donors we are able to provide delicious and nutritious meals to our tenants every day this weekend. The fish cakes were a real hit, our tenants are always excited when they have variety and we haven't served anything fish-based in quite a while! Thank you for your generosity, and thank you to your daughter for dropping them off!

Joanne & Cathy,

Thank you so much for the beautiful supper donation tonight. The amount of food was incredible, we were able to serve seconds and even thirds for those who asked! The meal choice was perfect; ham, potatoes, and veggies is a house favourite. The apple crisp was fantastic, it's such a treat to have homemade food available to our tenants. We always appreciate donors who return after the holidays, we very much rely on the kindness of strangers all year round, so we were thrilled to hear that you had started at Christmas and decided to donate once again!


We just wanted to send along a little note of thanks for your generous meal donation this evening! For the first night all week, all 12 of the tenants came down for dinner !! Pork chops are a rare treat at HCA and they were all very excited to have them! The cream sauce an excellent added touch, that kept the pork moist and gave the tenants something to dip their rolls in to! The lemon fluff dessert was a hit as well!  Thank you again, for your kindness - it truly goes a long way!


"Although I've been doing this work a long time, it’s easy to forget with my privilege that a good meal improves everything and a lot of good meals improves life.  Thank you for keeping people alive. That may sound like an exaggeration but it’s not.

Healthy meals are creating clearer minds, healthier bodies, interest in conversation and music, and for some physical activity.”  

Linda Wilson, CEO Shelter NS


A quick note to thank you for your generous donation tonight. We really appreciate any food donations that we receive during the summer time, often we are thought about around the holidays, it's nice when we can see the spirit of giving extend into the warmer months. There was a perfect amount of food for all of our tenants to have liberal servings. We always love when we're able to provide salads and fresh veggies for our tenants so the Greek salad was especially enjoyed. Thank you again for thinking of us!

To the Bible Study Group of St. Peter's, St. Paul's, and St. Michael's Churches,

Thank you for your amazing donation yesterday - the turkey pot pie was delicious, with plenty available to be able to offer the tenants seconds (and even thirds!). We also appreciate the individual cards for the tenants, which was a particularly thoughtful touch. We feel so privileged to be able to provide food to such caring people who have been through so much, our tenants are always astounded by the generosity of the community.



Thank you so very much for tonight's * Exceptional* Ham dinner. Our food connoisseur tenants were very complimentary. The ham was cooked to perfection and the fruit, pies, ice cream and chocolate milk were a perfect compliment on such a very hot and humid day. We are still giving out extra food and dessert and it is almost midnight*

We are Ever so Grateful for your Continued Generosity

Donna and Friends,

Just wanted to send you an email to express how thankful HCA staff and tenants are for the generous support you and your friends have shown. The latest donation was a big hit! It covered all aspects of a meal from the main course to dessert, snacks and even beverages. It was perfect! The chicken, snacks, salads, desserts and drinks were all so great. Not to mention that the marinade had the place smelling incredible!  We'd also like to thank you for the clothing items. They will be used well. We are so thankful for your contributions to enhancing the lives of our tenants! Thank you for your time in preparing and collecting the much appreciated donated items.


Joanne & Cathy,

We wanted to thank you for the amazing meal you both donated on June 11th. Our tenants love a bit of variety and it was so nice to be able to serve sliders, something they don't often eat. We have a few tenants who are absolutely veggie-crazy who get tired of our frozen veggie side options that we serve due to budget constraints so we really love when our donors provide us with fresh produce, it's such a treat. One of our tenants asked us if the sliders were from a restaurant and even days later we have guys asking if there are any leftovers from your specific meal! Being able to provide nutritious AND delicious food for people who have not always experienced regular meals is one of the most amazing feelings and we would not be able to do this without donors like yourselves.

Joanne & Sheila, 

We just wanted to thank you for the kind donation! We really appreciate the chicken, salad, sparkling pop,garlic potatoes, eggs, and cookies. As per usual the guys are loving it all and coming back for seconds!  Thanks for your continued support.

Cathy & Rhino,

On behalf of the tenants and staff at Herring Cove Apartments we'd like thank you both for the delicious dinner donated tonight. The BBQ chicken drumsticks, roasted potatoes, coleslaw, flavoured sparkling water with cookies for dessert exceeded our expectations, a great choice indeed and enjoyed graciously by all tenants. Staff were able to give out large servings with the amounts provided, and considering such high temperature we've been enduring; staff were more than grateful for your efforts.

“You can tell this meal was made with love” 

Tenant, Herring Cove Apartments

Troy and Samantha,

Thank you so much for tonight's donation. All the food went down really well with the gentlemen. There were compliments on the potatoes with bacon and the thickness of the pork chops. The main meal was so generous that not many of the gentlemen opted out for dessert, so that will be there for them tomorrow.


Ian and Carole, 

We want to thank you for your wonderful donation of lamb stew with dumplings! It was a truly creative meal and our tenants loved it, as lamb is something they do not get to eat very often. We loved having the option of fruit and cookies (or both) for dessert as often our tenants do not get the opportunity for choice. The amount of food was perfect, and we were able to serve seconds for those who wanted them as well. Thank you again for this lovely donation, we really do appreciate thoughtful donors like yourselves. 


We just wanted to send you a huge thank you for your meal donation tonight, for the tenants at HCA. As per usual, your cooking skills knocked it out of the park and the guys raved about the homemade burgers! They all loaded them with toppings and thoroughly enjoyed. The added touch of drinks, salads chips were appreciated as well.

meal 8.jpg


On behalf of the tenants at Herring Cove Apartments, we wanted to thank you for your generous donation this evening. You really went above and beyond! Ham is always a huge hit, and it was large enough that we will be able to prepare a soup from the leftovers. The tenants really appreciated having the choice of apple or blueberry dessert, and the additional donation of ensure drinks will be extremely beneficial for the building!

Samantha & Troy,

On behalf of the staff and the tenants here at HCA, we're very thankful for the donation you provided for us today. The lobster rolls were a big hit and left many of the tenants coming back for seconds. Thanks so much for your on-going support and generosity!


We wanted to thank you for the generous donation this evening for our tenants at HCA! We know it was a group effort and for that we are truly grateful. The chicken cuts were large and plentiful. The addition of potatoes, salads and multiple desserts left all of the guys happy and full! Thank you all for your continued support

meal 7.jpg

Meaghan & Alex,  

On behalf of the tenants and staff at HCA we would like to thank you for the meal provided this evening. The massive portions provided, had many of our tenants coming back for seconds and thirds. The butter chicken was a big hit and is a dish we don’t get very much so it was a good switch up. The apple blueberry rhubarb crisp was served nicely too on this chilly day and was a great touch. This meal definitely filled up some bellies and got a lot of smiles. Gold Star!

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