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The Rebuilding 

Meal scheduling

The first step is scheduling your meal. We use a website called 'Take them a meal' to help us schedule and manage Joan's Table. Simply click 'schedule your meal' below and enter your details.


The focus is on evening meals, but we welcome contributions toward breakfasts as well.  Here are some meal suggestions

Meal delivery

Please deliver meals to 5506 Cunard Street, Suite 100 any time before 4:30 pm on your scheduled day. 


You can do short stops on Cunard Street in a 15 min parking spot directly across from the building. Call staff at 902-406-3630 or ring the office door. A staff member will meet you at your car to retrieve items.

Alternatively, on-street parking available one block away on Creighton Street. A dolly is available on-site for your use for easier transportation.

If you are delivering a frozen meal you can do so during normal business hours. A phone call in advance is appreciated but not required.


Staff will greet you and receive the meal.  Please label any serving dishes you wish to reclaim. You can pick up your dishes at 5506 Cunard Street during regular business hours.  You do not need to bring plates or cutlery. 


We are not invited to serve the meal.  After years at shelters and soup kitchens – the tenants deeply value the experience and private dignity of serving their own meals and eating either alone or together.

Charitable receipt available

You are eligible to receive a charitable receipt from Shelter Nova Scotia for the ingredients and materials purchased.

At meal delivery, submit your tallied expense receipts along with your name, email address, and date of contribution.

Charitable receipts will be emailed to you from Shelter Nova Scotia following your donation.

Shelter Nova Scotia will provide donors with one receipt for all annual donations by end of February the following year. 

Please note, total expense must exceed $10 to be eligible for a charitable receipt. 

Shelter Nova Scotia's Charitable Organization Registration number is 108027590RR0001.   

A little connection goes a long way

It’s a nice practice (suggestion only) to include a card or note to make a personal connection with tenants.  Maybe explain why you picked this menu, why Joan’s Table matters, or your good wishes for a nice meal.  This is one way to make connections and build community with tenants. 

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