Special birthday meals 

We all look forward to enjoying a special meal on our Birthday. It’s a simple and satisfying way to mark time passed and look forward. We’re inviting you to help the gentlemen tenants at Herring Cove Apartments celebrate their Birthdays with a special Birthday meal.

How to give a birthday meal
  • Check out the Birthday Calendar below to see birth dates, meal wishes, and some details about the tenants

  • Schedule your meal

  • Scroll to the Birthday date you’ve picked out, and fill in the details

noun_birthday hat_2762303.png
Need to know about birthday meals
  • Staff take care of the birthday cake - this is a meal and beverage only request. 

  • Cards are welcome 

  • Like other Joan’s Table contributions, the meal should be made for 12 individuals. 

  • If you can’t make the exact day work - that’s ok.  Pick a close date and type BIRTHDAY DINNER in the schedule with the menu details. 

  • Meal delivery is the same as usual.

Birthday calendar

Birthday: March 4th 

Meal: Corned Beef Brisket

Interests: Movies (Blockbusters), TV, high-end food & preparation

Birthday: April 16th 

Meal: Meat Lasagna

Interests: Music (guitar playing, guitar making/singing), Reading, Newspaper Crosswords, Crosswords in general, TV (News/Culture/History).

Birthday: May 4th

Meal: Chef’s Choice  (tenant “not fussy”) Just no coconut!

Interests: Comedy/humour, dancing, TV (crime shows like CSI)

Birthday: May 11th

Meal: Surprise meal - favourites include loaded cheeseburgers, steak and chicken

Interests: TV (Family Guy, etc.), Music - alternative/progressive (ex: Frank Zappa tattoo)

Birthday: September 11th

Meal: Hearty Meat + Potato Meal (ie: Roast; Hot Hamburger)

Interests: Home décor, TV shows old & newer (70’s-2000’s), Music, How politics affect the world which affects his life (new interest)

Birthday: September 25th 

Meal: Hearty Meat + Potato Meal (ie: Roast; Hot Hamburger)

Interests: Old-fashioned music, Watching TV (news), hot spicy sauces, good home-made food, socializing with others.

Birthday: October 6th 

Meal: Homemade Mac + Cheese

Interests: Puzzles, cooking, home renovation/repair, walks

Birthday: October 8th

Meal: Authentic Irish Stew

Interests: Football/hockey + other sports, socializing around spring garden area/library, reading (history/war buff)

Birthday: October 26th

Meal: Old El Paso Tacos – American Style Mexican – Not Fancy + Not Spicy

Interests: Guitar Playing/Singing, writing music, movies (Comedies, Disney New & Old, Some Sports)

Birthday: November 4th 

Meal: Chicken Wings/Thighs

Interests: Hockey (Edmonton Oilers), Football, Smallville (TV show), food prepared from hunted meats/hunting

Birthday: November 14th 

Meal: Meat Lasagna

Interests: Metal and Rock music, writing music, learning new things about self and others.

Birthday: November 17th 

Meal: Fish and chips with tartar sauce and gravy

Interests:  cars, TV shows and artwork - photos and paintings